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Advance your hospitality business with a full-service digital tool for customers.

CAKE client demo
  • CAKE Bookings


    • Visbility to customers.

    • Free bookings.

    • Personalised venue profile page.

  • CAKE Payments


    • Itemised bill pay.

    • Live customer dashboard.

    • Option to leave tip and feedback.

  • CAKE Credit Offers

    Credit Offers

    • Time based offers.

    • Targeted advertising.

    • Increased visit frequency and spend.

  • CAKE Data Analytics

    Data Analytics

    • Automated data collection

    • Integrated customer profiling

    • Clear ROI on your marketing spend

  • CAKE Easy Set-up

    Easy Set-up

    • Direct integration with POS

    • Live in under 24 hours

    • Free regular training sessions

  • CAKE Client Support

    Client Support

    • Dedicated account manager

    • 24/7 support contact hours

    • Instant chat feature

CAKE frees up our floor and bar staff from taking multiple payments whilst giving the customer a fun and innovative experience.

We then work with CAKE to understand our customers better and keep them coming back. The staff also love it due to the great benefits. Everyone wins!
- Alex Potter, Owner of The Rum Kitchen
CAKE gives customers more autonomy and they can make the payment in their own time. They don’t have to wait for a waiter or waitress which is a real benefit.

Often there are relatively large groups and customers like to be able to split the bill through CAKE. This can be done very easily.
- Marc Jacques Burton, Co-founder of Tonteria
We all have ideas of when our business is busy, what products guests enjoy and who are guests are but Cake can ensure these opinions are truly informed ones.

Being able to see what guests have been purchasing throughout the night means we can tailor very bespoke service to those guests, which improves the guests experience and also gives us the opportunity to maximise their spending
- Filippo Previero, Head Barman at Mr. Fogg’s
CAKE made paying the bill a breeze at Villandry Grand Cafe last week. No more waiting around to catch your waiter’s attention! I could pay when I wanted and with all my friends paying an equal share of the total bill. We could even tip our fantastic waiter Pablo!
- CAKE Customer

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